RMV Motion is a Vancouver based company that produces all of its hardware and software in Canada. Our main area of focus is stepper motor control, we provide controller boards for these motors as well any technical support needed to install our products free of charge. We are very excited to introduce our upcoming technologies.



What makes RMV Motion unique is the trusted relationships we develop by working collaboratively with our customers and focusing on delivering results. We always operate with the highest standards of integrity. One of our major goals is to listen and understand our customer needs, provide insight full consultation throughout the project to improve the product and the development process.

RMV Motion provides expert development services and technology for a wide motor control and embedded wireless products with automation ready protocols. Our engineering team has a high percentage of senior level developers and architects that know how to avoid the pitfalls of device development and deliver solutions that will outperform the competition. No matter your operating system or hardware platform, our engineers have the range of experience and depth of expertise to help achieve your project goals. Our extensive experience in developing motion control leading Linux, Android, Embedded Windows, iOS based embedded products.

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