ST600µNet is our new Stepper Controller Board that provides more freedom then our ST400NT. Independent control on as many Stepper Motors as needed with additional ST600NET and rmv-µTOS. The ST600µNet  Series can operate in both monophasic and biphasic mode, with step mode options as follows: full step size,half step size, quarter step size, 1/8 step size, 1/16 step size, 1/32 step size, and 1/64 step size. The boards also support acceleration and deceleration capabilities. The ST600 Series provides from half Amps to 4 Amps per motor. Furthermore, this series provides the capability of having a step rate as fast as 25,000 steps / second. Speed, position, acceleration / diacceleration, trapazoidal, profiling, and parabolic control are all supported by this series.

ST600µNet with RMV-µTOS



Step Modes Full-Half stepmonophasic & biphasic, Micro Steps { , 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, and 1/64 of step }. Mixed step size can changed in real time from extended speed commands.
Motor Current Independent programmable chopper driver from 0.5 Amp to 4 Amp for each axis. Feedback winding current is measured during cycle by period. Chopper driver with over current protection, Over temperature protection, Under Voltage Protection.
Host Interface USB to SMB Bus I2C programmable speed from 100KHz or 400KHz.
Motion Mode Speed control, Position Control, Trapezoidal, Velocity-contouring profile, Sequential Motion, Electronics-Gear Profile,Parabolic, Spline, S-curve point to point profile.
Step Counter Register −(231) to 231 − 1.
Speed Register Maximum slew rate 25,000 step/sec.
Motor Limits Isolated limit switches left, right and home. Voltage supported from 5V to 24V.
Memory Programmable Internal FIFO RAM 2024 bytes.
Analog Channels 11 analog input channels
Close Loop PID loop algorithm, Motor bias, Output Limit, Encoder A and B Index (5V to 24 V input signal) for each axis. Ramp Controller, Velocity feedback.
Breakpoints Breakpoint axis, Breakpoint Sequence, Breakpoint Trigger, Breakpoint Comparison Value.
Trigger Isolated External (5V to 24V ), TTL Internal Trigger, Software Trigger.
Emergency Stop Isolated push button input for emergency stop.
Status Event Register Motion Complete , Position wraparound, Trigger, Command Error, Limit Switch Reached, Home, FIFO Status, etc.
Activity Status Register At maximum velocity , Position Tracking, Current Profile mode, Axis settled, Motor Mode, Position Capture, Step Mode, In-motion, S-curve segment, FIFO bytes free ,Program Counter, Command Counter, etc.
Signals Status A Encoder,B Encoder Index, Home, User digital IO's, Analog inputs, CHopper status.

Technical Specifications

Power Requirements Signle Power supply range:16-48V
Analog Channels Two analog inputs 4mA-20mA and (0V-5V)
Isolated Digital Inputs Two input channels 5V-24V
Isolated Digital Output Four channels 5V-24V
Isolated Motor Signal Voltage range 5V-24V, limit switch left, right and home.
Isolated Encoder Input Isolated Encoder input A, B and Index , 5V-24V
Host Interface USB 2.00 high speed HID, mini USB connector
Non-Isolated Digital I/O Seven programmable digital I/O's, 5V open drain
Digital Voltage Output 5V (DC)
Digital Current Output 700mA Max

ST600µNET Block Diagram

St600 Block Diagram

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